Vegan Milk

Vegan Milk


Milk From The Son is a new, non-dairy vegan milk made for new born babies and children. It’s 100% plant-based all herbs with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It comes in our original flavor, and is lactose-free and free of carrageenan, soya lecithin, gums and other common allergens found in many dairy-free milks.

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For parents who care about their children’s health, getting good quality nutrition without using animals is hard.
You want the best for your family so you buy organic and eat a healthy diet to protect their growing bodies.
Our wholesome Vegan Milk is formulated using only non-GMO and organic ingredients which are USDA approved†. So every sip gives your young ones the same nutritious nutrition that comes from cows, without any worry of toxic hormones or antibiotics. You don’t have to compromise on what’s best for you anymore.

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