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MILK FROM THE SON is a 100% vegan milk alternative, suitable for babies and children from 4 months onwards. It offers a real alternative to breastmilk, formula, cow’s milk and soy milk. It comes in a chic and comfortable mason Ball jar to maintain freshness and quality. Our flavoring is unique and original deriving from the main ingredient in our milk, coconuts. Milk From The Son is a new, non-dairy milk for kids. It’s 100% plant-based with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It comes in one delicious original flavor, and is lactose-free and free of carrageenan, soya lecithin, gums and other common allergens found in many dairy-free milks.

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In 2016 I faced a major setback and hardship with my health. I decided at that time to turn my life around and find better alternatives to the lifestyle I was living. I gleaned from healthy communities and found that a Vegan diet was for me. It’s hard to replace staple products that we find in stores with a great tasting alternative, and after much research i was able to create Milk From The Son.

The ingredients in this all-natural 100% vegan milk have multiple beneficial factors:



Coconuts are very nutritious, the water can be used as a substitute energy drink. They help assist you from cellular damage, and heart disease.

dried fruit, date


Dates promote brain and heart health. Decrease chances of any food born diseases and allergies. Vitamin b6, iron, protein, beneficial for blood sugar control.

Icelandic dry moss

Sea Moss

Sea Moss- algi/ seeweed
Low in Calories and fat contains a small amount of protein. Great source of iodine and antioxidants.

Shelled hemp seeds in wooden scoops, one of the superfoods

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are rich in protein, improve heart health.. reduced risk of type two diabetes. Also provide iron, vitamin b6, and contain omega 3 and 6


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